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Display Cabinet

This is the beginning of a documentary on the construction of my main display cabinet. It is a 48" tall x 32" wide wooden book shelf that was found at the Star Furniture Outlet for $200. The shelves are 1/2" custom cut popular, designed for the reception of the lamp projection down multiple levels of increasing surface area. The current design includes 7 shelves, and a storage space below. A cut out for the lamp housing was made on the top, and aluminum rails added to the lamp housing for support. The lamp features a 95 watt short wave (254nm) ultraviolet lamp (called UVC), and a 95 watt long wave (358nm) ultraviolet lamp (called UVA). To protect viewers, the case will be covered by two 1/4" glass doors, with sealed edges that will block the escape of any short wave ultraviolet light. The glass doors, and hardware, have arrived and are next on the assembly list.

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