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Collections from the EDUV Studio

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This collection is dedicated to the photography of fluorescent minerals from around the world.  Fluorescence is a physical process of energy conversion.  Just above our visible spectrum is ultraviolet light.  The frequency is too high for us to see, and is dangerous to humans.  When ultraviolet light is projected on certain minerals, the molecules of the mineral absorb the ultraviolet light and reflect it back at a lower frequency, which is back in our range of vision.  This continues as long as the UV light is on.  Not all minerals fluoresce.  The discovery and study of fluorescence led to the invention of the color TV among other things.  Fluorescence is now a useful tool in the study of chemistry, biology, microscopy, engineering, forensics, and many other fields.


This collection is dedicated to spectacular views of the great outdoors.  Now Showing, and growing.


View of the Tenmile Peaks - Colorado

approx. 10,000' elevation

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